Love, Sex and Fandom

Rye students tell all on love, sex and their fandoms

Whomst among us doesn’t have a parasocial relationship with Harry Styles?

From Ted Cruz x Marco Rubio fanfics to sexual awakenings inspired by a certain rap musical about the American Founding Fathers, many Ryerson students have explored the full range of what the fictional world has to offer. This year’s Love and Sex survey asked students how fanfiction and fictional romances influenced their understandings of themselves and relationships with others. Take a look at some of their insights about fandom, sexuality and community here:

Which famous person or niche microcelebrity do you have the strongest parasocial relationship with?

What’s the weirdest, most unhinged fanfiction you’ve ever read?

What’s your favourite romance trope and why?

What kink did fanfiction make you realize you had?

What movie/TV show/book series/band helped you explore and learn about your sexuality?

Has reading or watching romance raised your standards for future romantic relationships? If so, how?

What has being a part of a fandom helped you learn about yourself and your relationships with others?

Responses have been edited for clarity.

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